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Mom I love you, I’m sorry…

It was the worst day of my life.
One which I’ll never forget.
I was going through a rough time
financially. So rough that I had zero
money left in my bank account.
To make matters worse, the very
the same day I ran out of money, it was
my Mom’s birthday.
How embarrassing.
With no cash in the bank and no
way to get any, I had to call her up
and admit the most painful truth of
my life.
“Mom, I love you. But I have to tell
you something. I’ve hit rock bottom
financially and I can’t even afford to
buy you a card.”
“Son, it’s ok. I believe in you.”
Even though this heart wrenching
the confession was embarrassing as hell,
it felt like a weight had been lifted off
my shoulders. And those words of
encouragement kept me going.
I know what it’s like to be crippled
by debt.
The feeling of letting your family down
feels like a 1,000-pound Gorilla hanging
on your back.
I also know what it’s like when you make
it out the other side, and your family begin
to look at you like a hero you long for them
to see you as.
My advice to you?
Do the opposite of whatever has taken
you to the place of financial despair you
currently, find yourself in.
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